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Vai um cimbalino? (O Cabaré do Goucha)

Cimbalino or bica is all the same, which is like who says an espresso. If in Lisbon it is called a spout, because it is a cup of hot coffee, taken directly from the spout of the machine, in Porto it is cimbalino, because it is taken from the machine imported from Italy, "La Cimbali". But here, for prose, what really matters is the place where we savor it, and from there I opted for one of the most beautiful and mythical establishments in Porto, the Guarany coffee...

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Avenida dos Aliados, 85/89
4000-066 Porto • Portugal
Tel.: (351) 223 321 272
(National landline call)
Fax: (351) 222 002 710
(National landline call)
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Free Wi-Fi
TripAdvisor Guarany PORTO - European Best Destination 2017
Open Sunday to Sunday from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM
PME Líder PME Excelência

Porto de Tradição - Café Guarany