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The Cafe in the Press

Intervention and restoration of Majestic and Guarany


The Group Barrias has extensive experience in the hotel business, cemented over a career of about 40 years by Agostinho Barrias, head of the family company with roots in Vila Real. Indeed, the group has demonstrated the power of initiative and a sense of heritage, as reflected in its commitment to reuse living spaces of historical and artistic value based on its ability to attract tourism. It should be underlined that this view assumes business forums in Porto, a rarity in the context in which we stand, which is marked by pitiful loss of properties of world heritage value in favor of its conversion into banks or multinational companies.

Today it is unanimously recognized for the successful recovery of the Majestic Café in 1994, this ancient venue that has seen downtown Porto emerge on December 17, 1921.

With a line of respect for the original design of buildings, owners of Majestic and Guarany develop a management style that fits the category of its projects, guided by criteria of professionalism and personalized service to the public, including foreigners who frequent the downtown area and who let themselves be captivated by its typical aspects of the historical cafés.

Paula M. M. Leite Santos
Master in Museology and Heritage (New University of Lisbon)
Researcher in the history of art (University of Santiago de Compostela)

Fernando Barrias (Businessman)
Arquitect Luís Aguiar Branco (City Council of Porto)
Dr. Maria Teresa M. Leite Santos (Jornal de Notícias, S. A enterprises)
Dr. Madalena Peixoto (Archive History Municipality of Porto - Casa do Infante)
Technical Professor Vera Almeida Ribeiro (National Museum Soares dos Reis)

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