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The Cafe in the Press

“Jornal de Notícias” inauguration on the 29th of January 1933


Here is a statement from the newspaper “Jornal de Notícias” on the inauguration on the 29th of January 1933:

"The lighting also deserves special attention. It is modern and without any visible light bulbs which gives off light in spurts to create a system of reflection. If we say that all the electrical wiring belongs to “Bravo & Corte Real”, it is because they are the authoritative experts in a difficult art. "

In the initial conception of the “Café Guarany” it was decided that it would be a café-concert hall, which was made fashionable in Porto in "30’s", reflecting a public thirst for a space where drinks were served and late dinners can be accompanied by live music (take note that this kind of establishment took a different approach than that of the capital, which echoed the Belle Epoque of Paris). Accordingly, the Guarany was gifted with orchestral performances in the evenings between, 16-18 hours, and at night, between 21-24 hours. At the grand opening, the orchestra announced itself “Portuense”, which is an amalgamation of the words Portugal and Spain, and with a cast of artists like Raul Lemos (violinist), Manuel Constante, José da Costa, José de Oliveira and Fausto Caldeira, proposing that the group run selected programs for concerts.

This small orchestra was remembered thus:

"In the evening we would go there (Guarany) to hear the beautiful music of Benny Godmann, Duke Ellington, Harry James, Francisco Canaro, Felix Mendelssohn, Glenn Miller, etc.., Songs that still delight us (and not just because of nostalgia but are also songs appreciated by younger crowd), like “La Comparsita” or “ In the Moon ".

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