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The Cafe in the Press

"O Comércio do Porto”, on the inauguration of its cafe


This extracted an artistic and rare deposition of value from the newspaper “O Comércio do Porto”, on the inauguration of its cafe:

"When we enter the vast hall, 250 square meters, we were dazzled by the harmony, comfort and artistic disposition. The light is beautifully distributed, reflected in a ceiling of aluminum metal thus acquiring new shades that our eyes are not used to”. In terms of equipment which was revolutionary for its time was the technique of cooling the restaurant, and announced in the press in terms that predate the current system of air conditioning.

«We took the time to observe the installation of the ventilation, heating, cooling and air purification systems using the appropriate filters. It is like a real weather station, operating automatically, and which enables the living room to maintain the desired temperatures. This magnificent installation of an artificial climate, a novelty among us but is well used in France, England and Germany, greatly honors the “Casa Sabroes”, that is represented here in Porto by the “Casa Michael de Vasoncelos” Not far from this air conditioning system is the refrigeration system. A very modern fridge, which is 7meters2 and which no other house has and serves to refrigerate the fruit, meat, fish, etc ... ".

In the restaurant itself, the same journalist noted a picturesque detail:

"A curious note must be addressed: when the coffee machine finishes a cup the machine gives a buzzing alarm, lighting up the room immediately with a red light. It is therefore an emergency room for coffee lovers improperly called cool “.

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