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Historic Majestic and Guarany close without date to reopen


It is to the sound of classical music that we entered the Café Guarany (1933)

It is to the sound of classical music that we entered Café Guarany (1933), formerly known as the musicians' café...

Is there Porto without the Majestic or the Guarany? "Perhaps. But it was not the same thing"

"Porto could perhaps exist without the Majestic. But it was not the same. " It was with this idea that Manuel Pizarro finished the initiative "Protect the Cafés and Historic Shops of Porto"...

"It will not be the fault of the PSD that Porto is ungovernable" - Interview with Álvaro Almeida at Café Guarany

Invited on the TSF Morning, Álvaro Almeida, candidate for the "Authentic Porto" (PSD / PPM) coalition, guarantees that if he does not win the elections, he will be in opposition...

"We contribute to the better part of Porto governance" - Manuel Pizarro interview at Café Guarany

Manuel Pizarro, PS candidate to Porto City Hall, is pleased with the result of the survey that points to a technical tie with the current president, Rui Moreira...

Tour of the Cafés Port recalls free and revolutionary thinking

The municipal program of Cultural Routes brings us, this Wednesday, to the Port of Cafés that served as stage for tertulias and movements of a strong political or cultural nature...

"I want to be the man of the machine again" - Rui Moreira he mayor of Porto at Café Guarany

Interviewed at TSF, Rui Moreira says he will fulfill the mandate but later does not want to have anything to do with politics...

Why have coffee at Cafe Majestic and Cafe Guarany?

In Porto, coffee is the time of day when the clock stops and one has a much needed break...

Majestic Café & Café Guarany among the historic shops from Oporto to protect

Oporto Township protects historic Oporto stores. Find out the first 37...

Coffee Route with History of Portugal

They are iconic spaces in their cities, some have more than a century...

Café Guarany in the nostalgic map of the historic cafes of Portugal

There is now a book that brings together texts and photographs on more than two dozen historic cafes across the country. It is called "Rota dos Cafés com História de Portugal"...

Why have coffee at Cafe Majestic and Cafe Guarany?

"In Porto, coffee is the time of day when the clock stops and one has a much needed break..."


Northern Women in Party - SIC Mulher in Oporto celebrates his 12th Birthday at Cafe Guarany

Northern Women in Party - SIC Mulher in Oporto celebrates his 12th Birthday at Cafe Guarany...

Vai um cimbalino? (O Cabaré do Goucha)

Cimbalino or bica is all the same, which is like who says an espresso...

Intervention and restoration of Majestic and Guarany

The Group Barrias has extensive experience in the hotel business, cemented over a career of about 40 years by Agostinho Barrias...

25th anniversary of Vienna 87

Come celebrate 25 years of achievements...

Fantasporto 2008

Fantas 2008 will devote to the Danish film retrospectives and director Fernando Lopes...

Line of Gaia opened in August and stretch to Heathrow Airport in March

First phase of the network will be completed by the end of the year, with over 70 kilometers of lines and 2.4 billion investment...

"Knowing how to write how to speak," how to think ...

The night of Wednesday ran mild, Porto - the city and nectar - invites the reunion with the recovered Guarany a literary meeting...

There is dynamism in "Tripas"!

Counting three years now and his "Chapter" (General Assembly election) in March, the Confraternity of Guts has maintained remarkable dynamism, as indeed one would expect...

Socializing in "Guarany" Videos & Press

Several important events took conviviality January monthly, in the renovated "Guarany", first of 2004...

Scientists all over the country, unite!

Researchers Port question present and future of science in Portugal. Critical to the reduction of funding and career opportunities with the current government.

A Port of Science

What will happen to Portuguese science? Talk about science at Café Guarany...

Talk of world travel...

On a gray day, have one lunch on the agenda at the cafe Guarany to talk of world travel is a good way to pass the time...

A space for Culture

After two years of restoration work, the Guarany reopened its doors to the public with the assurance to face the future with greater accuracy, higher quality and greater professionalism...

Return to the Origins

Graça Morais paintings to see in the renewed Guarany...

Guarany already opened

Yesterday was the feast day. From now on the low back can enjoy the iconic coffee of Aliados, the "Guarany"...

Brasileira & Guarany reopen and give life to downtown Porto

Reopens to the public today Guarany, a cafe in downtown flagship Porto - opened in the 30s - and it can make an effective contribution to the much needed revitalization of the area, particularly as it is not the only historical site to reappear straight faces...

Oporto recovers cafes with history

The new cafe "Guarany" was presented yesterday and opens to the public today, as 'PJ' was announced...

«Guarany» returns on the 12th

The «Guarani» occupies a prime space in downtown Porto...

Guarany reopens doors today and help revitalize the Downtown

Mayor applauds investment in downtown Oporto...

"Guarany" reopens today in downtown with new image

Agostinho Barrias, the owner, just changed a litle of the original design of the commercial establisment...

Graça Morais in Guarany

Painter conceived two screens and nine drawings that mark the reopening of the downtown cafe Porto...

The return of the Guarany

We can not say that "the Indians are coming!" But the fact is that the reopening of the beautiful and septuagenarian Café Guarany makes you think the existence of indigenous Brazilians from the Amazon Region...

A little good noise and looking at three tables

Restoration faithful to the origin allows illusion of a return to the past, only broken by the sight of the works of the metro on Avenue of the Aliados...

Cafes try to wake the downtown Porto

Guarany reopens Friday. There is the old spaces that once were other artists lap to the city...

“Jornal de Notícias” inauguration on the 29th of January 1933

Here is a statement from the newspaper “Jornal de Notícias” on the inauguration on the 29th of January 1933...

"O Comércio do Porto”, on the inauguration of its cafe

This extracted an artistic and rare deposition of value from the newspaper “O Comércio do Porto”, on the inauguration of its cafe...

The newspaper “Jornal Comércio do Porto", published on its front page the inauguration of the Café Restaurante Guarany

On the 29th of January 1933, the newspaper “Jornal Comércio do Porto", published on its front page the inauguration of the Café Restaurante Guarany...

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