I went to have dinner at Guarany on an evening when a Fado artist was to perform. The restaurant was full and there was a waiting line at the entrance. I did not have a reservation and was dining alone which complicated my chances of getting a table. But the friendly staff set up a small table, just for me, and proceeded to deliver wonderful service and a wonderful dinner. Very satisfied! Saludos Guarany!

Ramon Ramirez

Being in the cafe Guarany is like going back in time, it is back when Porto was the economic capital of Portugal, where the values and principles were card-to-visit this city were always ready to receive whoever comes to visit! A hug from your ever faithful friend

Dom Diogo de Campos - Marquês de São Lourenço

Mr. Fernando Barrias
Dear friend

I would like to thank you for your commitment in making our dinner, which was hosted on the 23rd of April, and which was organized by this Supreme Court, at Café Guarany. The dinner was a success which was only possible with your collaboration.
My sincerest thanks for the personal attention given at our dinner.

Luís António Noronha Nascimento
President of the Supreme Court - Counselor Judge


A journey through the internet, I’d love to know the cafe. It’s very beautiful.

Thiane Figueiredo

Hello my name is Teresa, I have been to visit Porto and I remember the day was January 8. I want to congratulate them on this wonderful place, where we enjoyed a great pianist who accompanied our leisure time, both my partner and I both were quite happy. Thank you very much for creating such wonderful spaces like this


On Sunday 23th I was lucky to find this magnificent cafe, I want to thank you, the food was delicious, but not as much as the treatment which we received from the staff that we encountered, always attentive, professional and customer satisfaction. It will certainly be a must for next time we revisit Porto and have recommended it to all my friends. Thanks for a very enjoyable evening

Dolors Ortiz I Fàbregas

The first time I went to Guarany was to attend an evening of Bossa Nova. It was a Saturday night and there finally was a night that I was looking forward to. What was interesting evening and I liked it a lot! Since then every week I visit the site to see what is happening there. Bossa nova, tango, Cuban nights, the bruce brothers, tributes ... The Guarany has become today a reference point in the city that has managed to recover the nights, many of us only imagined were possible in the past or in other countries. Congratulations, the cafe - for the environment and service - and also this internet site, essential addition to your success!

Jorge Silva

Thank you for continuing to have such wonderful events as the jazz nights. In particular the evening with guitarist, Carlos Mendes and musicians that often accompany him, among them pianist Rare Hugo Andrade, Michelangelo bassist, drummer Tó Torres. For the musicians I thank you for still giving life to good music.

Ana Correia

To do better is impossible, Congratulations!

Cátia Dinis

I'm from Porto and spent a day here by chance. There was playing a Cuban band, I walked in and loved it. From that day on I was a fan of the cafe, which makes me feel proud of my city. Now I found the site ... looks beautiful! Congratulations and keep up the work!

Diana Cardoso

I had already heard of your programs and that it was good!! I challenged a group of friends and finally we went there for the Cuban night. We loved it and will be back! Congratulations!

Joana Coelho

I am Brazilian and I visited this beautiful city in January (2005) and, with great joy, I visited the cafe Guarany every day of my stay, incidentally, I was staying at the Hotel Aliados. I loved the service, the music, the food and the atmosphere. I hope to come back more often to Portugal, and for sure I will visit this so cozy and warm place. Congratulations!

Vanessa Carlos Cunha

Congratulations on a wonderful space.

Viagens Abreu S.A. - Dept. Congressos

Wonderful site, continue the good work.


An inviting space, cultural animation was missing from the city. A very complete website. Congratulations

Arq. Mário Costa

Website of exquisite taste, only surpassed by the cafe itself

Lino Gomes