To Mr. Barrias my congratulations for this work and my thanks for what he has done for the city of Porto.

Dr. Rui Rio
Mayor of Porto (2002-2013)


With a friendship that comes from many years, we only give thanks to God for finding friends and a family like the Barrias, who brought us the respect of both the supplier and customer which should be found in your everday professional life. Congratulations

Rui Nabeiro
President of Group Nabeiro / Delta Cafés


I extend my sincerest hope that the Guarany becomes a popular space of downtown Porto, in this city that we love so much. This has been a meeting point for several generations, the Guarany will, I am sure, continue as the genesis of future projects of many. The Guarany is, beginning today, for me, a meeting place, a forum of freedom. Thank you for giving back to the city "our" Guarany.

Paulo Fonseca

To lovers of vice and luxury, the everlasting fragrance of poets

Paulo Pinto

The history of a city is made up of sustainable institutions, and men who know its value and transmit this to future generations ... Today we make history ... The old Guarany is back with all its great charm and in the hands of a man who realized and transmitted this to his children and friends, the real value of this property is in the history of our Porto. Congratulations my dear friend Barrias for this contribution to our city. Many congratulations and best wishes to you and all your direct collaborators on this project... Doing it this way is even nobler. A big hug.

Dr. Joaquim Faria de Almeida

There are times when a citizen is faced with the desertification of a social and cultural city that he loves and this almost discourages him and then the citizen is suddenly surprised at the initiative of other citizens and with a certain conviction, decides to return to the city, a space which takes on a symbolic dimension of what should be done to "resurrect" the true spirit of being from Porto, without necessarily being the FCP. Taking into account the dimensions of our cultural authenticity, sociological and human factors, the affirmation of our cultural city to reunite a site which, I hope, to become the meeting point of our gatherings, cultural, literary, social and even political. Congratulations on this initiative and many cheers for promoters and those who understand the spirit of this initiative

Vieira da Cunha e Maria do Céu

Memories are the size of dreams. Retaining them is to help them endure within us and to lead us into the world. Here, the Guarany, I have spent moments of my childhood and adolescence in the late 60s and 70s. That I return here today with the excellent restoration work done, is not only an honor but as a destination that is to be repeated. The city needs men and women who give it the life that it needs. This is because a historic moment, but also a moment of dreams, a memory and the future. Thank you on behalf of the city that I love.

Pedro Abrunhosa


I remember this day of the grand opening of the NEW Guarany with great joy. With my father Dr. Oliveira Pinto I was at the original opening on the 29th of January 1933 and I was only 14 years old. It was a big party in the afternoon and early evening with a magnificent orchestra. I have to congratulate the current management for their great courage to revive the great coffee house Guarany and wish you every success. I promise to come to Guarany, despite my 84 years of age

Dr. Vítor Oliveira Pinto

Well accompanied by Graça Morais and by my friends from the PS Port, I express my appreciation for the everyday property and my greetings to all who work here. Merry Christmas for 2003 and have a great 2004.

Mr. Owner, I read the news of the reopening of this old coffee house and once I was here, I was surprised at what I saw. This town was missing a space with elegance and with a good environment. Congratulations.

Mr. Owner, for those like myself who frequented this coffee house in the 40s, it is with great joy and excitement that I see it again and tastefully redone. I sincerely thank you.

The Cafe Guarany was tastefully renovated and the paintings from my dear friend Graça Morais, was a friendly and very nice way to reconnect with friends and revisit my youth in Oporto, I am about to release my / our book "Know how to write. Know how to speak”. Congratulations to Mr. Barrias, a “Transmontano” like me for keeping alive the tradition of coffee gatherings.

Edite Estrela
Mayor of Sintra (1994-2002)


Cafe Guarany gave us moments that I have not forgotten... This reminder of the book launch of "Know how to write. Know how to speak” in its magnificent space, combined with the friendliness with which we were received, they will be forever in my memory. Congratulations and best wishes for success for future events.

Maria José

Congratulations Agostinho Barrias and family for the initiative to restore this Cafe Guarany, one of the landmarks of downtown Porto.
It is these attitudes that revitalize the city of Porto, that we wish becomes like other European capitals.

Congratulations and much success, Porto deserves it.

A hug

Manuel Moreira
Mayor of Marco de Canaveses


To my dear friend, Agostinho Barrias I want to leave a message of profound admiration for the lovely work that has developed for the animation of city life, which has given me and all “Portuenses” the possibility of great joy to relive one of the historical sites, such as this beautiful space "Guarany".

Congratulations and I leave you with all sincerity and hope that we can be here in the stages of success.

Good wishes for you and all your employees.

António Reis

To the Barrias family and especially for the patriarch Agostinho Barrias, congratulations on this initiative that enhances our city.

As a friend I offer my sincere congratulations and profound happiness and the greatest success story, continue to be written or painted in Guarany.

As a representative for the tourism of Porto and Northern Portugal, my thanks for enriching our city.


A. Condé Pinto
Executive President APHORT


The dynamics, good sense and the ability to fight, are elements that I very much appreciate in people and I have seen much of this in the family Barrias. What is remarkable in this world today is that we are more informed but dumber and crueler.

May this Guarany and others like it, make a contribution to the return of the Porto, the entertainment as seen in Vienna, Buenos Aires and other cities that resurrected their central areas.

Congratulations Agostinho Barrias & Company (the family).

Dias Costa


I welcome such an event. This city deserves this and more.

To a brighter future for the family Barrias, who have continued the fight to return the center of Porto to its citizens.

Congratulations to the city of Porto, the Guarany and their owners.

Congratulations Barrias Family

Rui Bonito Ramos

It is gratifying to know that rough paths of the wilderness of the “Transmontana” ridge that someone could see past their roots and become so successful and well known.

And it is even more rewarding, to see firsthand how working hard for days and nights, through frost and snow, next to my late grandfather... my beloved grandfather, has created something so strong and has provided through the graces of life that which is necessary to achieve this success.

With little else to say, I can only wish the best of luck with the same youthful spirit and humble respect.

A friendly hug from a simple family.

Pedro Barrias
President of FAP (2006-2008), Lawyer


Congratulations for the work realized. A reality beyond our dreams. Best Wishes from his friend Jose Martingo

Jose Martingo


It is with great shock that I see at this moment the reopening of one of the most striking buildings of downtown Porto, which over several decades and hosted several gatherings where culture was always present.

My congratulations to Mr. Agostinho Barrias, heir to a noble tradition of hospitality, the hallmark of this city, and who has done so much for the recovery of our heritage.

Marcelo Lourenço Pinto
Lawyer and President of the Football Association of Porto


To our friends, Agostinho and Fernando Barrias.
With my congratulations and best wishes of gratitude for the excellent work you have done on behalf of our beloved Porto.

Best for all your projects.

Carlos Marques

My dear Agostinho,

My memories of the Guarany, it was our "rest room, our leisure and living room" the good old days of the "Trade Port" compared to the memories of the city, that my friend has known how to restore with mastery, taste and quality.

My Guarany is remade in his image, he already knows that he was not born today, but you like you have all the time in the world.

And last but not least the duck rice was excellent, the service a pleasant surprise.

Congratulations and a big hug from a friend.

Manuel Serrão
Lawyer and ex-vice president de A.N.J.E

Mr Owner

For those like me, who frequented this coffee house in the 40s, it is with great joy and excitement that I see it resurrected and tastefully done.

Thank you sincerely

A Frederico Ferreira

Congratulations Mr. Agostino Barrias for the gift that you have given this city by opening the space that is the Guarany.

Now this avenue has more life and beauty, joy and a pleasure for its people.

I will return the Guarany as a friend and client.
Congratulations to all at the Guarany

Good service and high education is what we see in their employees.

António Caetano

Mr A.Barrias,

It was a great pleasure to have launched in your Guarany, the book “Know how to write. Know how to speak” with a packed house which was interested in the defense of our language that has given us the right to this country, we shall continue to love and to be worthy of being Portuguese. Thank you for the friendly welcome!

Carolina Martins

To Guarany, for daring to reinvent this sleeping city, thank you for the good taste and for the intimacy of Porto.

João Teixeira Lopes
Sociologist and politician (2002-2006)


There could be no better place to start my political combat than at the Guarany. Especially because this Guarany is also a combatant: for a city where citizens need a space to talk and to understand each other.

Dr. João Semedo

To the administration of "Guarany," thank you for what they have done for maintaining the identity and culture of the city of Porto - our city - so as many of my foreign friends and colleagues have told me a city is always distinguished by their citizens.

Luís António Noronha de Nascimento
Supreme Court Judge


The conservation of the past, the recovery of the present is the correct way to prepare the future.
And the future is shaping up in this.
I liked the novelty!
And the novelty is that conservation / recovery.
And as for the gastronomy, to be repeated!

Judge and President of Appeals Court of Guimarães

There is always a first time for everything! And for the first time I participated in a political debate in a fantastic coffee house. But what a cafe it is Guarany of course!

Manuel Monteiro
Attorney at law - Politician


At a good time we entered the "Guarany"!
The location, the friendliness and good service enchanted us!
Good luck


We were window shopping and the best window we found was the Guarany!

Friendly and a pleasant surprise, cheerful "prattle" and good food, good music. Finally the perfect ingredients for a good meal!!

I have no more to say!

Isaura Reis

Congratulations on this superb recovery, I remember from my childhood where I often accompanied my father to one of these many gatherings which at that time were very common.

José A. Silva Peneda
Ex-Minister of Employment and social security (1991-1995)

We are pleased to see that there are still entrepreneurs seeking to recover the lost spaces of the city and where people would not only visit for coffee but also to socialize.

The Guarany was and will continue to be a meeting place of the more traditional city of Porto.

When I was a young student at the Institute of Commerce of Porto, I passed here many times and the environment of Guarany enabled me "look" to the syllabus ...

Again congratulations to those who have the sensitivity and courage to invest in these areas of Porto, which are our present and they will be future..

Major. Valentim Loureiro
Mayor of Gondomar (2005-2013)


What dazzle!

I left this ancient city on May 1, 2000 ... for I had fallen in love with a certain city called London!

Today I returned and I was amazed! My "Porto" now has a place of refinement where welfare is ensured by good taste and friendliness by its staff. It was an honor to visit the "Guarany". I now bring my friends to see its beauty. Congratulations

Carla Coutinho

Congratulations on the decorations (embossed with the paintings of Graça Morais), the hospitality and the friendliness. This renovation was great news! Congratulations!

Friendly greetings

Jorge Sampaio
18th President of Portugal (1996-2006)


To the management and employees of the Guarany, my thanks for the friendly atmosphere in this café. An oasis of friendliness that should be cherished, I have felt your hospitality.

I am sure that all who come here will feel the same,
compliments of

Francisco Louçã
Economist and Politician (2005-2012)


To my good friend Agostinho Barrias, a self made man who is an outstanding example of entrepreneurial spirit that will be inexorably linked to the history of the city of Porto, here I leave my modest but very sincere whishes.

Dr. Mário Oliveira


To Mr. Agostinho Barrias, the city of Porto should be very grateful for the example of quality, desire and of the new pioneer in the revitalization of downtown Oporto. The Porto Vivo SRU, this successful businessman has one of its strongholds in urban regeneration.

With much esteem

Joaquim Manso

It is an honor to host a working session of the Advisory Council of Porto Vivo SRU, in so an important café to analyze the management of the rehabilitation of downtown Porto.
So our profound thanks to Mr. Agostinho Barrias, our advisor, for his availability and welcome.

Arlindo Cunha
Ex-minister of Agriculture (1991-1995) and Ex-President of C.R.U


It is with great pride that as a representative of the SRU, Porto Vivo, I welcome this magnificent example of rehabilitation and revitalization of downtown Oporto.

Rui Ferreira de Espinheira Quelhas
Administrator of Porto Vivo


I entered this cafe for the first time, by the hand of my grandfather Eduardo – a noble of downtown Porto – when I had barely left my diapers.

With him and then while I lived downtown, before its destruction, I got used to considering the Guarany as a place of all humanities and affections. Its representation and return to the city is an act of courage and of love, I can only be grateful.

Hélder Pacheco
Professor of Sociology and writer


Wonderful atmosphere painted in the colors of a Grace that is Morais.

It was a privilege to enjoy dinner on the fifth day, of the fifth month and year five in this true heritage of Porto and Portugal!

The family Barrias, congratulations on your work and good taste.

A big hug

João Baião
Actor - TV host of "Portugal no Coração"


It is a privilege to be a friend of Agostinho Barrias, of which he is a fantastic example of who should be a host to any town, to any home ... for which anyone who loves their land, their customs and publicizing them! Just have to thank people like him who preserve the genuine ex-libris of the city of Porto such as the Majestic and the Guarany,
Well done Agostinho! And a hug from an extended family that supports you!

José Raposo


It was an honor I will not forget to present here a book

Rodrigo Guedes de Carvalho
Journalist with SIC


It was a nice reunion with this beautiful and peaceful space - Guarany. An ex-libris of Porto for which the Porto residents pride themselves.

Jorge Nuno Pinto da Costa
President of Football club of Porto since 1982


As a memento to this beautiful cafe Guarany which was much frequented by me in my youth and maybe I visit here today as the oldest customer of this Guarany

Manuel de Oliveira
Director, his most famous movie was "Aniki-Bobó"


Being in Guarany is to witness the comfort and presence in what is best in Porto as they say in Portugal.
This space breathes freedom, pluralism, reason and brotherhood.
Thank goodness for it!

Manuel Monteiro
President of the New Democracy


At the book launch of the "Collection of open windows" a happy symbiosis occurred:
Open window to the world of culture

Luis Pedro Viana
Painter and Poet


It is a great pleasure to be in the Guarany.
"One of the most beautiful visiting rooms of Porto"
Congratulations Agostinho Barrias

A Hug from

Quim Barreiros
Famous Singer


Remembering the past and, above all, live in the present with the memory and the longing.

We are in the Guarany. We have the memory and an excellent quality of service.

And as we meet young people with a careful training of what is refinement, which ensures a meal in peace, with quality and also with the cheerful sweet nostalgia.

Lino Ferreira
Urban Councilman


This cafe Guarany is a part of the story of my life. Here I grew as a professional journalist with the "Comércio do Porto" and here I met people who are now a group of great friends.

This is an unforgettable space for those who attend it and for those who pass here.

A point of reference of our city, the Guarany is also our life’s story.

Eternally grateful

Júlio Magalhães
Journalist and director of "Porto Canal"


With great pride and vanity, I launched my book "Vegetables no excuse", in this iconic café of my beloved city. Congratulations.

A friendly hug

Dr. Fernando Póvoas


It was a great pleasure to mark the end of the European Mobility week in this beautiful and friendly cafe!
I hope it lasts for many years, this noble city of Porto

Mário Lino
Ex-minister of public works (2005-2009)


I’ve had the great pleasure to have had lunch here at this café in the company of friends from Porto.

I wish you much happiness and continued good work

Manuela Ferreira Leite
Ex-minister of Education (1991-1995), Ex-minister of finances (2002-2005) and economist


Good atmosphere, good food and excellent service, a fantastic restaurant.
I’ll tell all my friends in Holland when they visit Porto once to have lunch / diner here.

Hans Rhoon
Photographer National Geographic


To the professionalism and good taste of Guarany!
Well done for the service.

Bruno Nogueira


I want to thank you on behalf of the group was to "thinking of Porto", courtesy and professionalism with which we were treated.

Rui Valente de Oliveira
President of Foundation of "Casa da Música"


I was here a few days ago and I was in a hurry, I ate an excellent "Francesinha".
Today I return with my family (5), to fulfill the promise to leave my testimony here.
Congratulations to Mr. Fernando Barrias who believes that one can combine good food with taste and art.
But also for the courage to recreate an environment with a touch of a "new square".
You deserve to have financial success. But if you have do not, you already leave a work of art.
To dare is to believe that it is worth trying.

Continue. There are sea and sea forever.


Belmiro de Azevedo
President and CEO of SONAE


A hug to everyone who kept and modernized Guarany from my childhood memories of hot chocolate in the winter evenings!

It's good to find the harbor that looks to the future and values your tradition and the past.

Thank you

Elisa Ferreira
Ex-minister of the environment (1995-1999), Ex-minister Urban Planning (1999-2002)


I look into the eyes of the Guarany which is in front of me and I glimpse another culture as authentic as India! Diving in the solid character and austere of Porto; see the authenticity of the granite, the steep banks of the Douro and rough seas at the mouth. This cafe is seen throughout Porto!

It's true, serious, profound and creative!
It is reliable! The Guarany is as old as it modern and is the best ambassador of the city.

Glad for it to be alive again!

Fátima Campos Ferreira
Journalist and TV host of "Prós e contras"


The Guarany is a cafe, not just history - of Porto - but also a talisman to the CDS.
It was here that Nuno Melo, Álvaro Castello-Branco and myself made a bet on the outcome of the EU. Nuno won. The other three predictions were equally favorable.

to all at the Guarany - continue with your quality and hospitality and among many other things. I really enjoyed the paintings of Graça Morais. Good work

Paulo Portas
Minister of Foreign Affairs


In addition to subscribing to the previous text of Fatima, I have to express my happiness to be here again, a cafe that is part of my boyhood; here with my parents, I spent Saturday and Sunday afternoons with a snacks and friends.

It is a pleasure to return here. And may I come back many more times to this beautiful environment.

Manuel Rocha


It's always a good to return to Guarany to re-live times and pleasures, with an appreciable level of service.

Now the only thing missing is the beautiful gardens of the lost city of yore!

With esteem

Miguel Cadilhe
Ex-minister of Finances (1985-1990)


It was a pleasure to associate the special guests of the University of Porto to so symbolic a venue of the city of Porto Guarany.

Well Done.

Jorge Gonçalves


It was a beautiful night with the medical students. It's good to know that Guarany like Majestic are in good hands.

Dr. Manuel Sobrinho Simões
Doctor and Professor of Biomechanics


It is with great honor that I join those who here before to praise the Guarany.

For many reasons: because it is a survivor of the Porto of my youth, because they resisted the new mercantilist of recent history and because it is a symbol of the rebirth of the city.

I hope that this ability to evolve, not deface, so that I may come back here with my grandchildren and great grandchildren.

With friendship

Dr. Luís Filipe Menezes
Mayor of V.N. Gaia
Doctor of Pediatrics and Politician and State councilor


It is with great pleasure I come here to the Guarany for a glass of milk with half a piece of toast.

The space is beautiful, gives us serenity and harmony. I will return. It is always the temptation to relive past times with nostalgia.

From your friend here a big hug

Dr. Fernando Nobre
President of AMI


A delight!

Guarany Thanks and see you soon!

Maria de Medeiros
Actress and Singer


It is an honor and a privilege to be here. Service was very good, that is what is missing in our tourism.

A thank you to all and congratulations,

Mário Ferreira
CEO of Douro Azul


I am already a long time client of Majestic. The ex-libris of Porto. Now I can also attend the Guarany.

Excellent service. I loved the fried cod fish cakes. And I'm not here for the “Fado”, because I'm play at the Rivoli.

See you soon

Victor Espadinha
Musician and Actor


Always celebrated the passion that is Agostinho Barrias has for the city of Porto, the point of having a hand at laying two iconic cafes. The Guarany and Majestic! What a good time to do this, a heritage that we could not lose.

In europe it is the cafes!

Manuel Luís Goucha
TV host of "Entretimento"


It is a pleasure to come to cafe Guarany, ex-libris of Porto and the country.

It is a rare case of good taste, efficiency and friendliness.

Ricardo Sá Fernandes


One of the most beautiful sites of the city of Porto, inspiring and inviting, we will always come back!

A big hug to everyone in Guarany, may the music never abandons you!

David Fonseca
Musician, singer and composer


I've spent many hours, months, even years, in this fantastic city of Porto. Where one eats, lives and socializes very well.

A hug to Guarany which we were very well received and nothing was forgotten.

Thank you

Rui Mendes
Actor and professor at the University of Theatre and Cinema (1980-2000)


The Guarany is an extraordinary example of rehabilitation of the historical marks of a city. Some were wary of private initiative in this endeavor. For I believe - a lot - in the private sector, as well as this example demonstrates. Furthermore - and as important - was very well received and served.

Adolfo Mesquita Nunes
Lawyer and Secretary of State for Tourism