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Avenida dos Aliados, 85/89
4000-066 Porto • Portugal
Tel.: (351) 223 321 272
Fax: (351) 222 002 710
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PORTO - European Best Destination 2017


Established in 1933, the Guarany Café, mostly known as the musicians coffee shop. Stands out due to its special ambience, product of a compromise between the tradition, the quality of its services and the artistic spirit that has characterized its existence since the beginning. It has always been a place for entertainment, book readings and culture.

Now, combining that tradition with modernity, the result is a unique space where the organization of events is also as constant.

In the vanguard of the historic cafes...

PME Líder 2016 PME Líder 2015 PME Excelência 2014
Open every day from 9 am to midnight
(Except Christmas day, New Year and Easter day)